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Alicia Kennedy provides clients with the tough love and hard-core practice they need to dramatically improve their interview skills in Fairfield, CT. She will help you maximize every job opportunity and confidently grow from the interview experience.
Why Hire an Interview Coach?

The short answer is – do you want the job or not?  Think about all of the time, money, and effort you have expended to get this one, important interview.  Now imagine the sea of other qualified candidates all vying for and competing with you for the very same position.  Finally, consider your opportunity costs for losing out.

Why not give yourself every advantage in this job interview and set yourself up for job search success in every interview you will face throughout your professional career. 

Every single interview is important and represents an opportunity to better your future.


Invest in yourself.  Invest in your career.  Invest in your future. 

The dividends will last a lifetime.


Why Hire Ace The Interview?

Alicia has been a marketing professional for over 20 years.  She worked for a large promotion agency to create and execute annual marketing plans for Fortune 500 clients nationwide.  Leading a team of creative and account folks for a given piece of business, Alicia was often tasked with hiring new team members.  She soon became the resident expert at conducting applicant interviews and vetting candidates for a match to the agency’s job needs.

Throughout her career, Alicia mentored many young professionals and new team members – training them in the job at hand and coaching them for career changes down the road.  Over time, her knack for interview skills training and resume revamping became apparent - it also quickly developed into a personal passion.

Since then, Alicia has coached college students, young professionals and seasoned, career executives to dramatically improve skills and gain confidence.  Her warm and friendly style enables coaching clients to feel instantly relaxed as she eases them into each coaching session that’s designed to elevate interview skills to perfection.

Using a combination of tough love, practical tips, and hard-core practice, Alicia helps clients prepare so thoroughly that the actual interview seems easy by comparison. She is dedicated to helping clients put their best foot forward and successfully master the interview process.  Alicia holds a BS in marketing from West Liberty State College and an MBA from Syracuse University.


With a proven track record of coaching clients to win every interview, Alicia Kennedy at Ace the Interview is highly capable of driving you to succeed in your job search too!

What Else Can Ace The Interview Do For Me?


Getting coached on interview skills is a wise investment in your future – both in the job you are applying for today and every career opportunity you seek throughout your entire professional life. 


Often a particularly challenging job search situation occurs when you want to transition to a different industry, change careers, or re-enter the job market after a long time off.

Alicia Kennedy at Ace the Interview, specializes in job search transitions.  She is an expert at identifying and training clients on how their individual skills are transferable, valuable and relevant to a new and different job or career.


An important aspect of this unique training is learning how to convince any interviewer that you are the best candidate for the position.  You will be coached on how to sell your core capabilities and strengths, regardless of the interviewer’s experience level in conducting a comprehensive interview.  These are lifelong skills that you will use, and return to often, in your professional career.

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