Ace the Interview Coaching in Fairfield, CT

It’s easy to work with Ace the Interview’s interview coaching in Fairfield, CT, and it’s proven to work! Here's how we'll work together using our 3-step success formula:

Preparation Required

Prep work is critical. Please submit in-advance your résumé, job description, cover letter and any other communication that secured your interview.

Prior to our live interview coaching session, this information will be thoroughly analyzed to determine how to best match your skills with the given job opportunity.

This prep work is critically important to make the most of our first live interview coaching. When booking all Ace the Interview sessions, you will be guided to submit documents 24-48 hours in advance of your first coaching session. 

Please submit these documents as requested, so that our session together is productive and time well spent. 

Ace the Interview Coaching Sessions

Step 1: Discover and Prepare (4 hours)

In Discovery and Preparation step, we'll be spending a lot of time going through your resume, discussing your accomplishments and reviewing the specific job description for your upcoming interview.  We'll use all of this information to best match your skills with what the employer is looking to hire.


We'll be digging deep here to discover your core strengths and relevant experience for the job you are seeking. We'll even discuss interview skills and etiquette and what to expect given your skill set and the job for which you are applying.

Step 2: Practice and Polish  (3 - 3.5 hours)

During Practice and Polish, we will role-play all aspects of the actual interview. Together, we'll practice how to answer tough questions, engage the interviewer and control the interview without being controlling.


We'll continue to polish your interview skills, responses, and communication points until it feels natural, comfortable and truly representative of you.

Step 3: Follow-up and Learn  (1 hour)

Every interview is an opportunity to improve your skills for the next time. We will debrief on all aspects of the interview – questions asked, responses given, next steps and how to apply your learning to the future.


BONUS:  Resume improvement suggestions will be provided to enhance your resume for future job applications. Plus during every session, you will receive bonus tips on all aspects of the interview process including attire, body language, logistics, observations, negotiation and a host of other helpful strategies and information. I am passionate about helping you put your best foot forward in this and every interview.

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